Ancient Oak

Original Oil, framed, 30×40 – SOLD




Ancient Oak

Ancient Oak is a view in Paso Robles, California that is know for its rolling hills and oak trees.  Most of the year the hills are a lovely golden color, typical of much of California.  The focal point, the large oak tree in the lower right, in probably very old (ancient!) and absolutely beautiful.   The distant hills have some hazy clouds creeping over them and settling in the distant valleys.   The oak studded hills turn and beautiful golden color in summer, and more of a brown in fall, then green in the winter after the rain.  My favorite time of year to paint them is from May to July when they have this golden color.  The evening light across the hills with the shadows is always stunning.  Catching the light just right is the hardest part. But having the light shine across the landscape as in Ancient Oak is the most exciting part.

This is a large painting in a beautiful black and gold frame, suitable for a home or office, or other place of business.  It is very representative of the Central California Coast and could be anywhere from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles, and even further north.   Most of the trees are evergreen, but some of the oaks on the Central Coast are deciduous.   They tend to spread wide more than tall with very twisted branches and sometimes trunks.    Most of the oaks in this area are red oak and white oak.


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