Evening Sky

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20×24 original – SOLD



Evening Sky

Evening Sky is a view of the valley in Central California. The beautiful clouds overhead in early evening are full of color.  The vast expanse of the sky and the color of the clouds  contrast with the smallness of the landscape below.  The light from the sky is hitting the distant field as evening comes.   The eucalyptus trees are studded throughout the landscape. The evening glow is hitting on the distant hills and creating a pinkish halo.   This scene is so typical of Central California at various times of the year.  When the sky lights up with the setting sun it is like there is a masterpiece on display in the colors of the clouds and its effect on all that is below.

This painting, Evening Sky, is framed in a beautiful 4 inch wide black custom frame with a small amount of gold rubbed on it.  It would be appropriate for home or business.  The painting will draw you into the scene and allow you to linger there.  It has a very peaceful feeling to it and soft colors.  It is relaxing and enjoyable to look at.

1 review for Evening Sky

  1. Michael Rock

    I love this one! It feels so peaceful and inviting. I like the composition also, which allows me to wonder into the scenery. One of my favorites. Great work!

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