January Light

January Light – original oil 18×10 – SOLD






January Light

This is a scene that I spotted driving along Highway One just south of Cambria, CA where you could see the green hills beyond through the eucalyptus trees.  The hills are green because of the time of year and the January Light on them was beautiful.   I look for this scene every time I am driving back from Cambria.  This is a vertical format which lends nicely to the type of scene with the view of the hills being bordered by the eucalyptus trees on each side, one in light, and one in shadow.   There are more eucalyptus trees in the distance, which is so typical of the central California coast.   The clouds in the sky are also very typical of being so close to the coast.  This painting has a custom made black frame with a little bit of gold rubbed into it.   I love the way the hills green up so quickly after a rain in this area.   January seems to be the greenest time, and it is beautiful!  Catching the light on the hills in January at just the right time of day is the trick, but worth the wait!

This original oil painting was painted on high quality paper designed for oil paints, adhered to a gatorfoam panel, and the varnished after the painting was complete and had dried to protect it.   It does not have a final varnish which could be applied after six months of complete drying time.   It will be delivered to the Heritage Gallery West and available for sale on February 12, 2015.  The gallery is in Paso Robles, CA about 30 minutes from where the scene in the painting is located.


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